Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fantasy Shopping Saturday

I love "Organic" beads. It doesn't matter whether they're round, tab shaped, lentils, or my form.  And I love playing the cloud game with "Organic" beads.  In case you've never played the cloud game..... you lay on your back in the grass and watch the clouds drift overhead and try to figure out what animal, person, or thing you see.  I do this automatically  when I'm drooling over "Organic" beads.  Although, I'm not on my back! ;-)  .

Starting today, I'd love for you to play the game with me...  Over the next 3  Saturdays, I'll be choosing 5 beads from the Fire Divas Artfire or Etsy shops.  I'll post them here, and tell you what I see....but I really want to know what you see!  Join me....  Leave a comment to let me know.....It'll be fun!

Giapet ~ Karen Klomparens

The silvered ivory in the bottom left corner reminds me of a tidal wave on this bead.  Can you see it?

Spawn of Flame ~ Sonja McClung
There's so much in this middle bead.  If you look toward the left---starting with the blue and then it gets creamy... that's a caterpillar on a leaf... and just below?  The wing of a Monarch butterfly  with great dots!   ;-)

Uvanomos ~ Lluvia Brito
This one has the colors of the sky and earth, but what I really see  are trees with long trunks.  Look at the middle section with the speckled dots.. on the right side of that section begins the trunks.  They gradually turn green, and as you get higher, you will see the tops of the trees blowing in the breeze.

Lutrick ~ Lara Lutrick
This was is really fun!  Look over on the right side... its a man on a chaise lounge. He's and his pointy hat  are the yellowish-orange part of the bead(on the right side of the bead), he's got a really full chin, kinda' like a pelican, and the top lip recedes a bit.  His head is resting  just above a pink and blue section (that's the pillow).  Do you see it?

Susan Lambert
Check out the third bead from the left.  At the top there's yellow circle with a red section coming to a point.  Looks just like a little  baby chick with the beady eye at the top.. cute huh?!?

If you want to check out more "Organic" lampwork beads by the Fire Divas, check out everyone's site.  They're all listed on the left side of this page!  See you next week!

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