Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fantasy Shopping Saturday

So many things to write about! ;-)  I could finish up my " What do you see" series..   Nah, not today.... (aren't you glad LOL) . I thought about colors and  the interesting facts related to them... or the weather, how crazy it's been all over the country. And then the news came on. The lead story was about a special 10 year old who was the CEO of her own company, an internet business worth half a million dollars. I was amazed at her maturity during her interview.   And then I thought about all the other special children who also were maturing early,... except their focus is not on running internet businesses, it's on getting well.  They spend  a lot  of their time in hospitals, being poked by needles, receiving chemo treatments, and all the ancillary things that go along with trying to keep them healthy. And even with all that they go through, it only takes one simple glass bead, to put a twinkle in their eye, a smile on their face, and a feeling of accomplishment at the end of a long day.

We're doing our part....The Fire Divas love giving back, as individuals and as a group. In as such, 13 of the Divas have contributed beads that are now in an Ebay Auction to benefit Beads of Courage.  So today's Fantasy Shopping?!?!  ( Drum roll)  Make a bid! Tell a friend!..Give a Hand!....Imagine the smile on your face if you win!

Here's a picture of the beads up for auction:

And to put another smile on your face.... more beads from the Fire Divas.....

Holly's Folly Glass  
Icarus Beads
Ashlyn Design
Susan Lambert

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