Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ask The Divas June Edition

This month's questions is "Which technique do you find the most interesting/challenging?".

Rosemarie Hanus
I love making twisted cane and stringers. It is so much fun to choose the colors and making different combinations - different stripes for the canes and different layers of color for the stringers. I love waiting until the gather of glass... is heated to exactly the "just right" temperature, waiting a bit more until it is ready to pull, and of course the actual pulling the glass into its final form. I have boxes and boxes of these to prove it!

Holly Dare

I love silvered ivory. When I look at silvered ivory's like looking into a mini-universe!

Judith Billing

The technique that I find the most challenging is sculptural work. I guess using soft glass doesnt' make it easier LOL. I am not good at it, that's why I don't use this technique - and I'm not getting better because I don't use it. LOL. The... most rewarding technique for me is experimenting with color reactions. I just love the feeling of opening the kiln in the morning and not knowing what I pull out. Try to experiment a lot with different base colors, silver glass reactions and reactions to silver foil/leaf. I just love how silver leaf can transform a rather simple color (like ivory, black or cobalt) into something amazing.

Sharon Driscoll

The most challenging thing for me is making a sculptural piece that works visually from all directions. When it works it's heavenly. The most challenging on an annoyance level for me is stringer work. It's never a labor of love.

Keep an eye out for our next Ask the Diva's in July, we will have more answers to this particular question!

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