Friday, June 10, 2011

Fantasy Shopping Saturday

I do a lot of fine art shows, and generally carry loose beads with me for the designers that may come into my booth.  They're generally not interested in my finished product, but love the opportunity to buy loose beads at a show. Do I care!?!  NOT!  It's one more venue for me to sell beads. ;-).  Plus having my  loose beads in close proximity to the numerous designs in my finished jewelry, actually increases the amount  of each sale. Often I'm asked, by new designers or my non-crafty customers, " What are these for ?" followed by "What do you do with them?"  ... and that gives me the opportunity to talk about all the interesting things you can do with lampwork beads! Which brings me to the task at hand... I'm always interested in what other lampworkers do with their lampwork beads... the colors they choose, and what they couple their beads with.... I'm more excited to see what the Fire Divas are doing with their lampwork beauties! Why not join me, then order up a set or two, and make something fabulous! 
Ashlyn Design
Right Turn Art Werks
Lara Lutrick
Susan Lambert
Holly's Folly Glass
FenG Beads

Icarus Beads
Shepherd Creations

Babs Beads and Design
Sun Door Beads


  1. Oh Kathleen, what a fabulous collection. Can't believe all the creativity and interesting design ideas.
    Hard to pick a favorite, but I really love the heart pendant by Sun Door Beads.

  2. Thanks Judith, I'm always amazed at what other people do with their beads... I really like how FenG did her earrings. At first glance I thought they were metal....