Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fantasy Shoppping Saturday

I've been struggling with a broken foot the last week. That's right! Can't walk, falling off crutches, and/or crawling on the floor to get from one room to the next. It's enlightening looking at things from a different view! Up that is. ;-). The worst part is not getting to my computer as frequently as I would like to. Just too much effort to "butt"walk the stairs. But when I finally get there, the first thing I feast my eyes on is..... (drumroll). You got it... The Fire Diva's lampworked beads! The colors and diversity are a constant treat, and make me forget my clumsiness, and aching arms. Instead, I'm put into a "Zen" mode and can't help but be inspired. Join me... it'll be an awesome adventure in glass!

And don't forget to vote in this month's challenge, "Fairy Tales" themed beads (the voting widget is on the right side of the page). There are dragons, mushrooms, a pumpkin, a glass slipper and more...but go see them for yourself!

Rivers Edge Glass
Silver River Glass Works
Susan Lambert
Holly's Folly Glass
Spawn of Flame
Ashlyn Design
Right Turn Art Werks
Sun Door Beads
Kitty Lampwork
Babs Beads and Design
Shepherd Creations


  1. Great eye candy!!!! I love all the gorgeous beads you chose!

  2. Kathleen, it looks like you have the blues!! Feel better!

  3. Not anymore! Thanks Holly....I had a good laugh! Michelle, these were some of the prettiest blues I've seen...they were all calling out to me....the plan was black and white, but the blues took over :-)

  4. Wonderful collection of blue beads. I really like Giapet's