Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fire Divas Gossip Column!

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful Dad's, Dad's-to-be, and Mentors out there who have been a Father figure to so many! I can speak from my heart when I say I got the best Daddy of them all!!!

I know this weekend will be filled with fishing trips and BBQ's but lets see if our Divas have been up to anything new?? Even in the midst of a crazy week dealing with bugs and the emotional goodbye I had when my 6 year old said "See Ya Later Mom, Dad and I are going cowboy hunting" for his first time away at a week long camping trip with Dad. I immediately wanted to see what our Divas had going on!

Sharon Driscoll of Right Turn Artwerks blog post may not be a bead (yet that is) but it is the cutest post I have seen in a while. I must add that neither Sharon nor I condone the keeping of wild animals, but this "visitor" was just too much to pass up photographing! Stop by and take a look you will have a total "AWWWWW" moment!!

On the whole animal kick, Patrice Shepherd of Shepherd Creations has post after my own heart! She is very passionate about giving back a little and helping out the animals of her local shelter! She has donated some gorgeous pieces to an auction to help raise money! Show your support and stop by her page and give her a cyber pat on the back!!

Susan Lambert of Susan Lambert Glass and Silver Jewelry has the most creative post in the world!!! I never would have guessed that something so "ordinary" could be such a useful product to our glass and jewelry venues. I will let you head over to her blog and check it our for yourself! I just know you will be as surprised as I was!

Last but certainly not least Lara Lutrick of Lutrick Beads shows off her booth at the Maple Valley Days Show and even has a "What I learned" list attached. She gives great props to her Dad and I loved her comment about tight jeans ( must read blog!!) I literally almost spewed coffee from my nose laughing so hard!! I am so glad you had a blast though Lara!!!!

Enjoy this great day with your Dad or the memory of a great Daddy and remember that he was probably the one who helped mold you into who you are today! All of my creativity has been greatly inspired by my Dad who is my biggest fan! He has even given my beads to some pretty famous and cool people! So I dedicate this posting of the Gossip Column to him!!! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

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