Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fire Divas Gossip Column!

It is definitely summer time and even the heat of the torch and the sun can't stop us Divas from doing what we love best! I popped in to our Diva's blogs to see what they have been cookin' up over this past week and I must say there is some yummy eye candy, great info, and even a little celebrating for our Divas! Ready to dish? Lets see what they got!

First off I want to give a HUGE cyber hug to our Diva Susan Lambert of Susan Lambert Glass and Silver Jewelry She has made the decision to retire from her School Teaching career after 35 years! I know that as a mom I tip my hat to her for her dedicated service to helping mold our children! She now has new endeavors up her sleeve and even more time for glass and metal smithing! So Susan, HAPPY RETIREMENT!

Lori Bergmann of Ashlyn Design has been just as busy of a bee and buzzing here and there for her daughter's graduation! She has managed (like all Super Moms do) to even squeeze in some glass bead making and WOW is the eye candy gorgeous! Stop on by her blog to see all the juicy glassy goodies!

Holly Dare of Holly's Folly Bead & Jewelry has just opened my eyes to amazing possiblities! I like to think I am "hip" to the techie age but this was one thing I did not know about and LOVE or should I say "Likify!" Check out the blog post for all the cool information on this HOT idea!

Last but not least, I found Judith Billig of Icarus Beads leaving us with our SUPER COLOR EYE CANDY of the day! She may call it a short attention span but I call it love at first sight! I know you will get a huge color fix when you see all the delicious glass sets that she has been making! I already can see the jewelry pieces now in my head featuring those beads!

I leave you with the little tidbits that our Divas Dish out to us and hope that you get to know us a little better and enjoy our amazing, creative, busy, "live like we have 8 arms and 30 hour days" lives. Cheers!!

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