Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bead of the Day 9-22-11

Today's Bead of the Day is this super cute Blue-Green Octopus pendant by Patrice of Shepard Creations. This guy is clutching a swirly marble in his arms. Janice does a lot of animal and wildlife glass work. Check more in her shop out at Artfire.

Patrice is participating in our Bead of the Day promo, buy this bead and she will give you free shipping.


  1. Oops, no Janice! :) It's all me, plus a little of my hubby but his stuff doesn't go in the online shop ;) Thanks Lara! I had a customer ALMOST buy this one last week at our weekly Farmer's Market, but another one spoke to her louder, so he's still mine at least until tomorrow! :)

  2. Update: Sold at the Farmers Market! Thanks glass fans :)