Monday, September 12, 2011

Glass Bead of the Day: Monday, September 12

Happy Monday! Today we are feasting our eyes on this lovely pair by Michelle of Sundoor Beads:
Harmony Handmade Lampwork Pair- Sundoor Beads
This lovely set is so chock full of color! They can be a gorgeous pair of earrings or whatever else your imagination can come up with, so long as you can do them justice :). Visit Michelle's shop on Etsy for her other awesome sets and beads. It gets even better: this bead qualifies for Free Shipping today as Bead of the Day!
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  1. What a gorgeous set Michelle!

  2. Thank you so much Amy!!! I love making this style!
    And Thank you so much Patrice for featuring me as bead of the day!!!

  3. My wife is a button collector, and studio produced glass buttons are in high demand and bring good prices. If you're interested in doing shows, you might want to check out the National Button Society website in order to get information about local button clubs.