Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fantasy Shopping Saturday

I love glass beads.  I love their versatility,... the colors-both muted and bright. I love the way they feel- smooth and  sleek, and even rough with texture.  The style of beads I love most...Beads that are carefully made by the fingers of fine lamp-workers....incorporating traditional elegance with an  emphasis on proportion and color harmony.

I can find these beads in any of the shops of the Fire Divas.... Following is a representation of some beads in this style....feel free to browse all the shops of the Divas for more lamp-work bead examples!
Babs Beads and Designs

Aloha Beads
Silver River Glass Work
Rivers Edge Glass

Susan Lambert


  1. Beatiful shopping list! And you say it so well.
    I'm so happy to find my set on it. :)

  2. beautiful colours, shapes - really great job!