Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Diva of the Month - Sonja McClung - Part 1 (Introduction)

Welcome to our December installment of Diva of the Month! This month, we are interviewing Sonja McClung of Silver River Glass Works/Silver River Jewelry.

Sonja's studio is located in her basement, in Akron Ohio. She affectionately refers to it as "the cave."

Sonja was born in Medina Ohio, and has been lampworking for a little over a year.

Her favorite type of bead to make, that she can do over and over, is "dot" beads or encased beads of any type.

She describes herself as still developing her style. "There are so many different techniques and things to learn yet" she tells us. "I think a real personal style takes years to develop. Of course this means I am not locked into any one way of doing things and the possibilities are wide open and endless."

I will leave you with links to Sonja's shops, website and blog - and stay tuned for next week's installment!

Silver River Glass Works on Artfire ~ Silver River Glass Works on Etsy ~ Silver River Jewelry Blogspot ~ Silver River Glass Works and Jewelry Homepage


  1. Beautiful beads! I can't believe you've only been lampworking for just over a year - just gorgeous!

  2. Great beads Sonja! I really love the red set.