Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fire Divas Gossip 12/5

With the holiday season upon us, the Divas are keeping busy melting and blogging. Check out what's going on with everyone - here is the gossip!

Susan took a risk this week and it has paid off! See what's new with her at susanlambert.

Judith found a hidden treasure in her stash of glass. Find out what she did with it at Icarus Beads. And lampworkers - she's got an excellent bead release tip she's sharing, so be sure to check it out!

Lea is sharing some great news ~ you can wait until your copy of Bead Trends arrives, or your can head to lajewelrydesigns for a sneak peak.

There might be snow on the ground, but roses are still blooming over at Ashlyn Design.

At Ema K Designs, Ema is trying to strike the right balance between life and beads. It isn't an easy task, but the results are worth it!

It's recipe time over at Maybeads, so grab a cup of coffee and a fork.

Amy is wrapping up a trunk show today, so if you're in the area there is still time to see her work in person. Head to Amy Sims Designs for the details.

Kathleen has the perfect alternative to shopping in those long lines at the mall. Head to Ugly Duckling Beads for her smart suggestion.

Sonja may have tried to sleep in on Black Friday, but her shops were wide awake and having a sale. You can still get in on her weekend deals - plus, Silver River Jewelry is in a holiday gift guide and you'll want to check that out!

The weekend sale at Fire-n-Sand Glass Art: The Journey lasts just a wee bit longer than Cyber Monday, so head on over and get the details. Then check out Karen's gorgeous giveaway bead!

Janel is featuring two of her gorgeous new beads, plus, you guessed it, a SALE! Stop by Janel Dudley Beads for the details and your coupon code.

Grab your mittens and head to to get a good look at her winter beads, and you'll also see that Lori is in on the big weekend SALE event, too!

Cyber Monday might be long gone, but that doesn't mean you still can't order one of Holly's latest favorite beads sets - stop by Holly's Folly Beads for a look!

Amy is catching up with a lot of news over at Amy's Glass Blog, including info on her latest giveaway - you don't want to miss that!

Melanie sure would like a light tent for Christmas this year (are you listening, Santa?), and she hopes to soon have more test result pictures to post at Mind Melt.

Susanne is playing host to a well-traveled bird, so be sure to go to Babs Beads and click the link to see Flappy visiting her studio.

The rest of the divas who blog are on the lower left side of the Fire Divas page, so if you missed any previous weeks, be sure to check down there.

Happy Hanukkah!

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  1. Lauren, great roundup of the FD bloggers again! Thanks so much!
    So many interesting things are happening with the Fire Divas, I always look forward to your gossip of the week :)