Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Glass Bead of the Day: December 22

Two days 'til Christmas and after that it's only a week to New Years Eve! (And after that, it's only 21 days 'til my birthday!) In other words: there's lots of festive occasions comming up the next couple of weeks. Wich raises a need for festive earrings!

I would love to have this pair of beads, made by Lea from LA Jewelry Designs, made into a pair for my ears:

Purple Aqua Blue Ruffles

For some reason, they make me think of the midwinter nights. If you order them within 24hrs, Lea will give you free shipping!

Merry Christmas to all you lampwork lovers!


  1. I just wanted to send Holiday wishes to all you incredible women. One of the best things for 2010 was getting to know the Fire Divas, you are an incredible group. I just wanted to send you joy and happiness for the holidays and the New Year to come.

    Keep those torches hot and thanks for sharing your incredible talent.

    Scott Bjorge

  2. Sending you joy and happiness too this holiday season Scotty! I think I speak for us all when I say that we count ourselves equally fortunate to have such wonderful customers and friends such as yourself. Can you clone yourself?? LOL!

  3. Scott, thank you! And wishing you a very happy Christmas and a stellar New Year! I second Lea, on cloning such a great customer lol!

    Lea, lovely colors in those beads, I agree, they are very mid winterish night.

  4. Thank you Scott! I hope you're having a wonderful Christmas too!

  5. Thanks so much Scott. I hope you're enjoying the holidays too.
    Wishing all our supporters and customers a great start into the New Year :)