Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fantasy Shopping 12/4

I don't know about you, but I always wonder if I've chosen a gift that someone will really like and not want to re-gift. I'm gratified when my gifts are thought to be useful, are treasured, and count this one as a bonus..., bring back fond memories of the occasion! Gifting items that include lampwork beads help to ensure I can please the recipient of my gifts.  I've made "helpful" fan pulls for an arthritic aunt, a cherished "Mothers Day" necklace for my mother,  and "really cool with a kick" bracelets for my budding " fashion-ista" granddaughters, ( their description).   What impressionable gifts might you make with these Fire Diva Lampwork beads????  Happy Shopping!

Lara Lutrick
Amy Sims Designs
Holly's Folly Glass
Silver River Glass
Tease Beads
L.A. Jewelry Designs
Shepherd Creations
River's Edge Glass
Glass Art by Melanie
Spawn of Flame
Ashlyn Designs

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