Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Diva of the Month, March 2011 - Kathleen Robinson Young - 10 Silly Questions

Welcome to Part 3 of this month's interview with Kathleen Robinson Young, our March “Diva”! This portion is “Ten Silly Questions” - and here they are.

1. What is on your nightstand…list everything! - Wow...this is difficult. I'm really hyper and keep work right next to me all the time. My husband has a regular night stand on his side, I on the other hand have a desk "butted": to my side that works as a combination nightstand and work area. As I look, there's a small sewing machine, some music cd's, my current jewelry project (seed beads and lampwork), a lamp, a box of ginger Altoids, reference books and asthma medication.

2. If we were visiting, and starving and you weren’t home…what could we find in your pantry / fridge to use to whip up a meal? - We keep our cupboards and fridge pretty stocked. I love fresh vegetables and fruit, so we keep the veggie and fruit bin pretty full of my favorites; strawberries, pineapple and blueberries for smoothies and lots of green veggies and "gourmet" veggies for stir fries. There's also a great selection of spreads (cashew and sweet pepper, my favorite), and items to make family favorite sandwiches. The DH and I joke that if the fridge is was ever empty we might not see the our kids so frequently. LOL. The truth is so much of our family time revolves around the kitchen especially on Sunday, when the kids and grandkids generally stop by.

3. Favorite color and how does this show up in your bead work? - This is easy...Green (soft sherberty) and purple(dark and rich)! Surprisingly it doesn't show up as much as I would like. I have to force myself to use other colors, otherwise everything would look the same :)

4. Making beads is solitary work. How do you handle that??? If you listen to music / watch videos, please share some of your playlist. - I love the solitude of lampworking, but I have to have some noise around me. My work area is very comfortable and most of the noise (entertainment) I need is only a "remote" away. My favorite thing to do is "listen" to movies and netflix is the easiest way to do that with their instant streaming to TV. It has totally eliminated late fee on rental for me. It's only in the mornings when I torch that my time is solitary, mid-day and in the evening I have plenty of company...the DH or one of the grand kids is usually on the other side of the room using the computer.

5. Describe the most fun day you’ve ever had. - It's really hard to pin to just one ... (Thinking hard)

6. If you had one wish, what would it be??? -
 Aside that my loved ones are healthy and happy...to have the luxury of sitting at my torch and just experimenting and having fun without the worry of finances and deadlines...

7. Who do you most admire in glass and if you could take a class with that person, what would you most want to learn? - Another hard one! I have so many.... but probably Andrea Guarino Slemmons. I'd love to be able to better control color and reactions in my glass that I struggle with.

8. What is the first thing you do when you get home? - Kick off my shoes, even before taking off my coat....doesn't everybody???

9. Do you have a day job??? If yes, what is your favorite thing about it??? - No day job. I left corporate America 7 years ago this May....sometimes I miss the structure (and maybe a regular paycheck ), but I love the freedom of working for myself.

10. Name three tv shows you watch but are kind of embarrassed about. - Hiding behind both hands.... One Tree Hill (to be that young again), Basket Ball Wives (their behavior is outrageous), Sponge Bob Square Pants (not necessarily embarrassed but it's my grandson's favorite program and I have to watch it with him, he makes it mandatory)

See you all next week for our conclusion post, and here are Kathleen's shop links!

Ugly Duckling Beads on Etsy ~ Ugly Duckling Blog ~ Ugly Duckling Beads on Twitter


  1. Great interview! I got a kick out of having a desk next to the bed! The wire work bracelet is stunning!!!! ~Val

  2. Wow you jewelry work combined with your lampwork is amazing!!

  3. I love your jewelry creations!! They really bring your amazing lampwork to life!!! Love the interview!!!