Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fantasy Shopping Saturday

For the last few days the colors purple and green have been everywhere.  I've seen these two colors in postings on Facebook, I've gotten tweets about them, and I've been in several discussions about the impact of these two colors.  There's no escaping color, it's all around us.  It ubiquitous... Not that I mind of course, these two colors  also happen to be my favorites! Green is such a relaxing color. It's the most popular decorating color, it's the most frequent color seen in nature, and it's the easiest color on the eyes. The color purple signifies royalty, wealth, and sophistication. So armed with this information I'm going to "relax" and think "rich", as we shop with the Fire Divas this morning.  And don't forget to vote in the Monthly Bead Challenge, there's a special prize for one lucky voter! Have a great shopping experience!

Icarus Beads
Sun Door Beads

Holly's Folly Glass
Ashlyn Designs
Silver River Glass
Spawn of Flame
May Beads
Rivers Edge Glass
Babs Beads
Paul Bead
Susan Lambert
Ugly Duckling Beads
Amy Sims Designs
Shepherd Creations
A Houston


  1. Great selection, Kathleen! Love the choices, green and purple are near and dear to me too :)