Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Diva of the Month, March 2011 - Kathleen Robinson Young - Conclusion

It's time for our conclusion of our interview with Kathleen Robinson Young, our March Diva of the Month.

Are there any of Kathleen's secrets we don't know yet? Anything else she wants to share? She tells us she's really a shy person when it comes to posting online. "I like being in the background and not in the "spotlight" so to speak," she says. "I love the 'real time' technology - the benefits the internet affords us, and the way it has 'shrunk the world' but the dichotomy is that I'm uncomfortable with the other part of this wonderful technology... posting online. I worry that writing something will be misinterpreted, because you cannot hear someone's voice, or see their eyes and expression. So I tend to be the 'lurker' (that has such a negative connotation) who reads online discussions, but will rarely post."

We asked Kathleen how her work has changed since she began. She tells us that she didn't have a focus when she first started. "I tended to do a little of this, a little of that," she says. "My work never looked pulled together, it was pretty scattered without any cohesiveness. The little bit of this, and the little bit of that has not changed much over the years, but I've been able to put everything together so that there is a common theme now."

A challenge that Kathleen would like to accomplish in the next few months? It's most definitely getting her hectic schedule under control! "Between teaching (nationally and at the local community college), fine art shows (12), bead shows (6), several online commitments, being active in two co-op galleries, and recently assuming responsibility for my youngest grandson (6 years), I'm on absolute overload" she says. "Figuring out how to balance everything and meet deadlines is an ongoing challenge and has forced more structure in my life." But she wouldn't trade any of it. "I love what I do, and the people I come in contact with."

And to wrap it up, what does Kathleen like about being a Fire Diva? She tells us: "Definitely the camaraderie with others who have the same interests and the same daily challenges. They simply get it.... But I'm learning from them all the time too! And I'm coming out of my shell as it relates to posting and interacting with others. ;-)."

So that concludes this month's interview. We'll see you next month, and here are Kathleen's links one more time. Thanks for stopping by!

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