Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Glass Bead of the day: March 9

We have a new Diva among us - Michelle Veizaga from Sun Door Beads. Welcome!
So I thought I'd take the opportunity to show you one of favourites from her Etsy store:

Azalea Shadow

I'm always a succer for florals and I loooove the colours in this bead.
Check out Michelles Etsy store for more great beads!

And don't forget the weekly threads on ArtFire and Etsy!


  1. Thank you!! So much such a warm welcome and I agree I am a sucker for the florals myself :)

  2. Beautiful! I love the little flowers added to the bead, and the colors are gorgeous.

  3. This sure is a beautiful bead. I think that the purple dot in the middle adds a lot to the overall bead (not that you asked, just saying!)

  4. Beautiful! Love the soft tones and that color is one of my favorites!

  5. Thank you so much! I agree a little contrast can sometimes make all the difference :)