Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Glass Lampwork Bead of the Day: 03/08

Today I'm all about organics. Organic colors and organic movement of the glass colors on the beads. That's why I selected these fabulous "Desert Topo" by Rosemarie Hanus of Spawn of Flame:

I just love the trails of silvered ivory that wander across the bead and create such interesting effects. And I really adore the color contrast between the warm toffee and the cool greens.

Best of all, these gorgeous beads are also extremely affordable. To give you an even better deal, Rosemarie offers 15% off the original price, if you order these beads within the next 24 hours!

Don't forget to check out all the other lovely beads in Spawn of Flame's Etsy or Artfire shop.


  1. Gorgeous beads and such a great pick!!! I totally love the organic beads and this set is no exception!

  2. Great colors in these beads. Good pick.