Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fire Divas Gossip 3/6/11

Time for the weekly gossip!

Let's start off with some pretties from Shepherd Creations ~ Patrice is going green for the month of March.

Lori is churning out more beauties over at Ashlyn Design, and she reveals her secret weapon she keeps at the ready in case she gets one of those nasty torch burns.

Ema can only be seduced for so long, so she's finally giving in. Find out what the heck I'm talking about only at EmaKDesigns.

Janel is super excited because she's the new owner of a purple torch! Head to Janel Dudley Beads to see just exactly how she won it.

Susan is urging readers to buy American-made products, so go to susanlambert for more details, and for her first lovely suggestion.

Steel Blue and Butter Pecan are on this week's menu for Melanie - stop by
Mind Melt for her stunning results.

One of Lara's beads is gearing up for journey that will be out of this world! Zoom on over to Lutrick for all the details!

Susanne has some new jewelry listed in her ArtFire shop, so be sure to check out
BabsBeads for a lookie look.

Head to Ugly Duckling Beads if you missed the Fantasy Shopping post - it's all about Spring!

Holly sent in a nice bead donation to Beads of Courage. Check it out at Holly's Folly Bead and Jewelry.

Maybeads, there's murrini, some birthday fun and an Irish pug.

The rest of the divas who blog are on the lower left side of the Fire Divas page, so if you missed any previous weeks, be sure to check down there.

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