Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fire Divas Gossip Column!

I can’t believe it’s Sunday already! We have had a great week with our Customer Appreciation Sale! Thank you to the Customer and Fans who made it wonderful!

Life…. It is such a complex word and yet so easy for some of us to explain. We all get caught up in our day to day routine and sometimes forget that this little four letter word means so much! As I read over the lives of our Divas this past week it was so refreshing to see that behind all the work and cyber-world these people are just like we are- kids, sickness, grueling schedules, even fun stuff like hobbies. It warms my heart to see that people will put their life out there for others to see and read about. I for one always connect better when I know just a little bit more about a person! So lets get to know the Divas a little bit better this Sunday!

Let’s give a warm and special welcome to Christina of FenG Beads from the Netherlands, our newest Diva! She is an accomplished glass artist who has several e-books and is, dare I say, working on her first physical glass book! What an exiting time in her life! You can see more of her work and learn a little more about her at her FanPage on Facebook. Make sure you check out the great pictures from her class she hosted at her studio with Margaret Zinser! Welcome to the Divas Chrisina!

Holly of Holly’s Folly has been blogging away! She has a great post about her “Bead Bowl” I love hearing the reasoning behind how certain beads end up in this treasure trove of sorts. She also features her Sarah Hornik class beads which are just beautiful. She also has a great little story up but I will let that be a surprise!

Ema of Ema K Designs has a truly inspirational piece on her blog. This piece of her life was the inspiration for my writings this weekend and I am sure you will agree on finding a little more Grace in life after you read this!

Lori of Ashlyn Design has proudly displayed the story of her daughter, Katie’s senior class project. We all sent her wishes of luck and hugs that the project makes the top 10!!! Check out the post in her blog it was so much fun to read!!

Judith of Icarus Beads has been hard at work but in a good way! She has been hard at work creating pieces of jewelry for various events and trust me the gorgeous teaser pictures are not to be missed! Let’s all wish her luck with her piece she submits for the annual Bead Star Magazine contest.

Patrice of Shepherd Creations has created a wonderful collection of glass goodies featuring some amazing bead goodies! Check out the blog for a great showing of Spring!

Susanne of Babs Beads has discovered a little hidden part of herself which she shares so beautifully with great photos and story behind her newest glass addiction!!! Can’t wait to find out more? Go over to blog to check out the whole story!

Rosemarie of Spawn Of Flame has a new little “mascot” hanging around her studio. This has to be the cutest thing I have seen and you will love the little story she includes with a cool pic of her studio “pet”.

Last but not least I had a busy week not only with the sale but with my other addiction- knitting, spinning and yarn. Stop by my blog- Glass Gurl, to read my little post on my “special” knitting school I attend over on I hope you find it amusing and enjoyable!

I have been happy to present our Divas to you this Sunday with what I hope is a beautiful picture of these lovely ladies lives. Remember, what we experience through life comes out in the most beautiful expressions. We simply chose glass to represent this and hope it shows!!!

Have a great week and Happy Sunday!!


  1. Ema and I are both dealing with similar situations with our sisters. I found her piece moving and so inspirational!

  2. I don't think I've mentioned how much fun I have reading these updates. Well... I'm saying it now!