Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fire Divas Gossip Column!

Good Sunday Morning to you all!!! The sun is shining (at least in my part of the world :) ) and like most I am up bright and early ready to start my day....... Okay that sounds like June Cleaver. Well I am up early and I couldn't wait to get started and share some of the latest juicy news with our readers!!!

We have a NEW DIVA!!! Yes the lovely Sharon Driscoll of Right Turn ArtWerks is a Diva and her work just seems to brighten the day! I love her fresh and fun approach to glass beads. She has a great Etsy Shop and you have to stop by and take a look at the most adorable
Sock Monkey Bead in the whole world!!! While you're at her Etsy Shop check out her Viking Knit Kit. Just add the wire and you have everything you need to make amazing knit chain! So Welcome Sharon, I know you will love being a Diva!

Another recent Diva, Christina has some great shots over on Facebook of her recent class that she hosted for the amazingly talented Margaret Zinser. They all look like that had an amazing time!! I would have loved to be there for that class! Maybe next year who knows???? Slide on over to Feng Beads to see all the fun!

Lara of Lutrick Lampwork Beads is definitely smiling! She had what we as glass bead artists always love and that was the chance to see her beads in their final creations! It always makes our day when we can see them in lovingly created jewelry pieces!!!! Check out the great photos and article on her blog!

Patrice of Shepherd Creations has Easter on the bead menu. It looks like her and her student had a blast creating these little colorful tributes to the holiday! I won't spoil the whole thing so go on over and look at the great picture of their work!!

Susan Lambert has a great Summer Fashion article on her blog with some great color ideas not only showing her beads but some sweet footwear as well! I think there is nothing better than a great glass bead bracelet for summertime!!

And then there is me :) Michelle of SunDoorBeads. I have not had much torch time but I have had a great shipment of glass and have been simply too enamored by the colors to break them out and torch with them :) Want to see some pictures of the glass? Head to my blog GlassGurl Enjoy!

Lets wish all of our Divas who are traveling or away from their studios many blessings and Happy and Safe travels!

Make sure to check in every Sunday with us as we follow the journeys and glass bead stories of our amazingly talented Divas!! Till next time.......

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