Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fire Divas Gossip Column!

HAPPY EASTER!! and Happy Passover to all who celebrated that this past week and Happy Earth Day. We all love celebrating holidays and being with family and feeling that special feeling that comes with sharing wonderful moments and memories! I can't tell you how many times I have sat down to a dinner and had to tell my friends or family about a great new glass item I found or something that one of my glass was up to. It is always fun to see the looks on their faces as I give them a little taste of my world :)!! So lets put aside the Easter candy and have a little taste of what our amazing Divas have been up to!

Let's do a happy dance! We have a new Diva! Let's all give a Warm Welcome to Abigail Castagnaro of Abbielyn. She has the most creative way to "Go Green" all year long!!! You have to stop by her shop to see all of the amazing creations she has in store. So welcome to the Divas Abigail!

Let's all send good wishes to Judith Billig of Icarus Beads as she travels and wish her a safe a happy return back.

Patrice Shepherd of Shepherd Creations has the whole spirit of this Holiday nailed! Stop on by her blog to see all her little "babies" and let's all take a page from her book and be a little more kind to our Earth. It is after all our home!

One of are newer Divas Sharon Driscoll has been up to some pretty cool experiments! She has been playing around with some new equipment and wait till you see the results! This article is informative and interesting especially for those of us who dabble in making jewelry with our own beads and glass creations! Check out her blog Right Turn ArtWerks for this exciting new article!

Kathleen Robinson Young of Ugly Duckling Beads has been in her own little fantasy world! Check out her wonderful finds in her Fanatasy Shopping blog post. Who knows you may just want to do a little shopping of your own!

Lori Bergmann of Ashlyn Design has been a busy little bee! She is getting ready for a show and has been hard at work making all kinds of beadie goodies for the event! She has some really great ideas and the preview picture is mouth watering! Check out the post and read all about it!

Christina of Feng Beads is having a great sale on her Feng Frit Factory site. Calling all Murrini, Frit and Stringer lovers! Stop by and save 15% you can't beat that and you will get some amazing glassy supplies in the process! Shhhh don't tell anyone ;D

How about we help a fellow Diva out? Holly of Holly's Folly Beads and Jewelry is having quite the Confounding Conundrum over on her blog- I can't say I blame her with the prices of silver being what they are. So read the article and see if you can shed some light on the question- Is there something just as nice as silver? Hugs to you Holly from me I am in your same boat!

It's never too early to think about Autumn designs for our creations,Rosemarie of Spawn Of Flame has just the ticket for some inspiration! She has some great photos of a gorgeous tree from last autumn but they are not the leaves you will fall in love with ;) She also has another inspirational post up (I could not help myself) featuring Lake Erie I myself like to make a little here and a little there to get ready for my favorite times of year! Enjoy her great inspiration!

I hope everyone enjoys this wonderful Easter with Family, Friends and shares a little of their own crafty journey with those they love! I know the Fire Divas will be having their own fun and making memories!

Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

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