Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fantasy Shopping Saturday

I love color!  Bright bold colors, soft muted neutrals, rich gemstone colors.... you name it... I like it.  Except for one color... Red. It's just an "OK" color to be used as a complement in a color scheme. I think it goes back to my childhood.  The first shoes I remember wearing were bright, shiny, red patent leather shoes, with a baby doll strap. I wore a white dress with big red polka dots and a red straw hat.  Waaay too much red! So imagine my surprise today when I chose red as the theme for my "Fantasy Shopping Saturday". As I was searching for beads, it just kept popping up... talking to me! Pick me, pick me... And so I did.  Today I'm seeing the color red differently.  It's bold, it commands attention, its exciting, and it exudes passion! So check out the red glass beads I found in the Fire Divas Etsy and Artfire shops. Wouldn't you just love to own one of these?!?

Susan Lambert
Giapet (Karen Klomparens)
RightTurnArtWerks ( Sharon Driscoll)
Uvanomos (Lluvia Brito)
SpawnofFlame (Rosmarie Hanus)
Icarusbeads (Judith Billig)
FenG (Christina Stofmeel)
HollysFollyGlass (Holly Dare)
Lutrick (Lara Lutrick)
SilverRiverGlassWork (Sonja McClung)
RiversEdgeGlass (Barb Reed)
BabsBeadsandDesign (Susanne Folin)
UglyDucklingBeads (Kathleen Robinson Young)
I know the following are not red...but they were so pretty I had to include them anyway! :-)

SunDoorBeads ( Michelle Viezaga)


  1. That top heart has such a story to tell!

  2. you're so right about the heart...couldn't not make it part of the selections....wonder if Susan will tell the story?????

  3. Thank you so much for including my Iron Age set!