Friday, January 1, 2010

Bead of the Day - Art Fire Friday 1-1-10

I (Lara Lutrick) get the honor of choosing the first bead of the year WOO HOO. This is a hard choice. Up until now most of our beads of the day have been from Etsy (with very rare exceptions) and as a group we decided to choose some from ArtFire and 1000Markets. Since I have a shop on both, I volunteered. The first bead of the day is from Lea Lichtman Aroch of LA Jewlery Designs. Lea is a very hard working member of our Fire Divas and she deserves this first bead of the year. This super cute Goldfish bead is happy and cheerful and a great bead for my cold New Year's Day. Check out her beads at ArtFire or Etsy. Find more Fire Divas on ArtFire by checking out our weekly promo thread.