Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fire Divas Gossip Column

The Fire Divas are honing their glass skills and sharing the results. Check out what's going on with everyone:

Marcy headed out on the road to learn even more glassy skills. Be sure to check today's post - you won't "bee" disappointed.

Holly's head is still spinning with bead ideas from a class she took with Heather Trimlett, but she was still in her right mind when she blogged about custom tools and put her holiday beads on sale!

Janel, the Fire Diva of the Month, has decided that one blog isn't enough, so she's branched out and started another. This one is non-bead.

Over at DorsetHillBeads, there's a slow invasion taking over. Take a look, you're sure to be "shell" shocked.
BabsBeads put on the sorting hat, and the result was . . . Slytherin! Slytherin green CIM glass, that is, with gorgeous results.

It may be winter, but glassbead is showing everyone how to make a pile of (glass) leaves. I don't recommend jumping in this pile.

Glasstastictreasures is getting back into the swing of things, starting with wishing everyone a Happy New Year.

At Maybeads, I catch a critter in the act - of swiping another critter!

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