Friday, January 8, 2010

Diva of the Month - Janel Dudley Part 2

This week, our Diva of the Month, Janel Dudley, answers my 10 Things about Glass Questionnaire:
What attracted you to glass?

I think the thing that attracted me to glass was that it can be manipulated and make all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Many glass artists have training in other art mediums. Do you? If yes, please explain.

I haven't really had a chance to have much training in other mediums, I played the piano for a couple years, I took a basic art class and a metalworking class in high school.

Describe the first bead you made that you were really proud of? Are you still proud of it now?

I still have one of the 1st beads I ever made. I made a macrame anklet and wore it for years. The hemp finally wore out and I have yet to string it up again. Perhaps in time for summer!

What inspires you?

My main inspiration is color, I just love how when you look at a certain color or color combo it gives you a feeling. The next thing that inspires me is music. There is such an at- peace feeling when working with glass and listening to some righteous tunes!

Do you have a plan when you sit down to torch? Do you sketch beads or have photos around for reference?

Usually I have a plan before I start, but it seems as soon as I'm in front of the torch, all my ideas go right out the door. I do have a Bead Sketch book that I started on November 26, 1999 and I've got about 10 more pages to fill up.

Photography seems to be a key element for any glass artist. What type of camera / lightbox set up do you use?

I use a Nikon camera, my husband (Dan) is a huge help when it comes to this part. I always need his help setting it to the right adjustments. We found the light box on the internet for like $6.00 and the lights are halogens purchased at a local hardware store. Dan built a frame out of PVC pipe, originally this was meant to be a frame for a homemade light box but it seemed to work better for something to clamp the lights on to.

If the issue of finances (i.e. will it sell?) were of no consequence, what would you spend your time making?

I think I would rather spend my time making clear encased beads more than anything. I LOVE to cover beads with clear, seems like even if I plan to make an un-encased bead, I change my mind last minute, and cover it with clear.

What kind of jewelry do you wear? Everyday vs. out on the town?

I have a pretty good size personal collection when it comes to jewelry. My choice of jewelry for a day or outing is based on what color I feel. You know some days are red, some are blue, and when it comes to black or white days, it's pretty much an open slate! Then there's always the eyeball choker, I used to wear it a lot but it's now only brought out for special occasions like Halloween or sassy days!

Every birthday I make/keep something for myself! This year I kept the BHB I use for my avatar on Etsy, I hung it on some silver chain and it looks fantastic! I'm really glad I decided to keep it! [See top photo]

What is the one skill you wish came easier to you?

I wish I was better at striking silver glass. Some colors will do it for me, like TAG Transcendental or Double Helix Luna2, but I have a really hard time with most.

What do you love about marketing your business? What’s the hardest part of marketing it?

The part I love about marketing is learning new things, which I feel I need to do more often!

Be sure to check in next week when Janel will discuss pure silliness! It's sure to be a fun read!

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