Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fire Divas Jewelry Challenge Results

The votes are counted and the results are in...the winner is...Susan Estrada of cserpentDesigns! Here's her piece:
Artisan lampwork by Marilyn of NoveltyBeads on Etsy. The blue moon in January 2010 (2 full moons in one month) inspired this bracelet. The light blue dots made me think of a beautiful full moon - and I'm seeing that every night now.

In second place, we have Gretchen Coats of libeado beadwork! Here is her piece:

3" lampwork focal bead by Anderson Coats of "Like a Moth to a Flame" surrounded by "waves" of Oglala stitch in 4 shades of blue seed beads.

Finally, in third place, we have Michelle Plumb! Here is hers:

Description: Child's necklace made of Fire Diva Lea Avroch's pink ribbon heart focal and her maroon studded beads. With antique crystals from my grandmother, new crystals, silver, and lucite.

Inspiration: My niece Leiryn. She loves anything pink! Lea's pink heart focal was made for breast cancer awareness in October. Leiryn was diagnosed with Stage IV neuroblastoma in August. She is 22 months old, and a total darling.

Congratulations winners!!! Thanks to all the jewelry designers who entered - it was amazing!


  1. What gorgeous pieces! Congratulations to the winners! We hope to see you all back for future challenges!

  2. I personally don't think this challenge was handled appropriately. Had I known it would boil down to a popularity contest, I would not have entered. Until the rules change, I will not be entering in anymore FD challenges.
    Peace, Creative Haven...aka...April

  3. Wow - I just caught up with all my activities and found out I won! I was out of town during the voting and didn't realize it happened. There were so many beautiful entries! I'm honored to be the winner. Thanks for a wonderful challenge!