Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fire Divas Gossip Column

The new year is in full swing and the divas are off and running. There's a lot being revealed in the past week's blogs, so let the gossiping begin!

First off, Janel loses all her inhibitions and is exposed for all the world to see, riding a buffalo no less.

Jessica is also exposed this week - in a full page pictorial - you go, girl!

Holly is showing off her ABS - er, her Art Bead Scene entries - for the entire year!

Laurie is quite revealing - she divulges the secrets to using one of the most coveted glass colors. (This is one I'm printing out for my own reference.)

Even Eileen is baring it all - well, her trees are anyway.

Marcy tells why she wasn't around much last week - she's been giving private lessons. I'm not jealous. Ok, yes, yes I am.

You have to check out Babs Beads to see some of her latest creations - they are hot!

Lea is setting goals for the year, and I'm thinking about snagging quite a few of them.

And over at Maybeads, I'm coming out of my shell, but I have some company.

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