Saturday, January 2, 2010

Fire Divas Introductory Jewelry Challenge

Voting is open for the Fire Divas Introductory Jewelry Challenge! The poll will remain open for one week (closes January 11). For this challenge, we allowed pieces made by any lampwork artisan. After this challenge, all pieces entered in Fire Divas Jewelry Challenges must use Fire Diva lampwork.

We had an amazing number of entries. You can see and read about the entries below (entries are in no particular order); after you finish, vote for your favorite on the right side of the Fire Divas blog. The winner will win an amazing collection of Fire Divas beads as shown in this blog post!

Entry 1:Heart of the Southwest Artisan Lampwork and Turquoise Necklace. When I received these beads from, the first thing that came to mind was putting it together with lovely turquoise beads, and this large pendant. I have always dreamed of living in the southwest and this piece reminds me of the it. Hence the name, Heart of the Southwest.

Entry 2:
These incredible lampwork beads come from Deronda of Deronda Designs. The colors swirl together and have streaks of silver throughout the 35mm x 23mm center bead. I felt they needed to be showcased and not eclipsed with her additional roundels in brown, both oxidized and shiny sterling silver beads, Swarovski crystals and a large oxidized sterling chain. The necklace is 17-1/2 inches long plus a 2 inch extender chain.
Whereas this necklace is not the most bright and colorful of my designs it is the closest to my heart!

Entry 3:
Beads by lajewelrydesigns lampwork beads. I used 14kt Gold-Filled throughout this design. My goal is always to highlight the stones/beads. These are extraordinary lampwork beads with waves of blue and pink/purple. I chose light amethyst Swarovski crystals and the most interesting light amethyst Czech Glass rounds. The Czech glass rounds are 1-side metallic finish on the back. This design was a challenge for me both personally AND professionally. Gold-filled rounds in varying sizes completes this design.

Entry 4:
Artisan lampwork by Marilyn of NoveltyBeads on Etsy. The blue moon in January 2010 (2 full moons in one month) inspired this bracelet. The light blue dots made me think of a beautiful full moon - and I'm seeing that every night now.

Entry 5:This bracelet is amazing! It was created around the floral lampwork beads made by glass expert Heather Davis. The 15x11mm lampwork beads have pink roses, light purple wisteria, olive green leaves, and a creamy ivory background. They are separated by genuine Swarovski crystals in Rose Water Opal, Swarovski pearls in Cream, and ornate Bali sterling silver bead caps. The toggle clasp is antiqued sterling silver with the same ornate design on both sides. There is a small dangle matching the Swarovski crystals and pearls for added charm.

My jewelry tends to be feminine and romantic. I found these lampwork beads to have a certain elegance that fit right in with my style. This bracelet just grew from my love of flowers, pearls and the color pink.

Entry 6:Inspiration for the piece: This piece was created for both the Fire Divas Jewelry Challenge and also the first Etsy Beadweaver's Challenge for 2010 - The Sea.

Information about the beads: Lampwork Glass Crab Claw by Nancy Lawler. Lampwork & Fused Glass Cabochons by Catharine Weaver

Description of the piece: Lampwork glass, seed beads, shell, mother of pearl and sterling silver.

Entry 7:
Deronda Designs on Artfire created this beautiful creamy swirly accented set, focal bead with beautiful green rondelles that went very well with Swarovski olivine crystals, simple with a touch of bling. I have made several pieces using Deronda's beautiful beads and always pleased with the results, they carry a piece so well with little effort on my part.

Entry 8:I had purchased the set of 3 beads from Ellen Dooley at the end of January. These were the first lamp work beads I had purchased.
The color was very unique because of the luster coat. WOW. Often, in designing jewelry, we look for symmetry. The set of 3 was more graduated, not symmetrical with on larger bead and the other 2 the same size. hummmm- what to do????
So they sat on my table for a long time. I had purchased the green biwa pearls which are also very unique. I was looking over my goodies in July, when I was off work with a broken foot, and they looked really great together! The blue kyanite beads were sisters to the lamp work beads. With the irregular shape of the pearls, I realized that the difference in size of the lamp work beads would not be noticed... and voila!

Entry 9:
This gorgeous necklace has handmade lampwork beads by MyCabinCreations and multi faceted celestial crystals. Such a sparkly creation. Inspired by a bright turquoise sea on a beautiful Carribean island.

Entry 10: Lampwork beads made by Kim of Swarovski Crystals, Bali Silver Spacers, a Silver Pendant used as the focal and a Silver Leaf toggle clasp. I love the fall and these glass beads just reminded me of all the beautiful colors you see while on a stroll through the woods.

Entry 11:The beads were made by Moon Stumpp of
This chainmaille necklace is approximately 18 inches long. Woven in a basic 2 in 2 sterling chainmaille weave, I donated to the Phoenix Society for the Silent Auction at World Burn 2009.
Inspiration from this piece was the fact that I entered the Art Show at WisCon 2009 in Madison WI. I thought that the beads looked like little galaxies shot through with stars and planets. When it didn't sell there, I donated it for the Silent Auction mentioned above.

Entry 12:A gorgeous set of Lampworked beads from LAJewelry Designs, a few Swarovskis and an aluminum chain set off the whimsical Mermaid pendant.

My inspiration was completely the set of beads made by Lea. I saw them online and fell in love. She called them Lake Michigan in Winter and I immediately went looking for my Swarovskis that matched.

Entry 13:The beads were made by Patty Lakinsmith (a member of fire divas).
Large gauge Brass wires form this simple neckpiece embellished with a copper leaf and a beautiful lampwork glass flower. (The flower bead is about 1 3/8" in diameter, and about 1/2" thick) The leaf has green patina and the brass has a brushed matte finish. Pendant, from the neckwire hangs 3 inches to the tip of the longest wire. The neckwire is 13 inches in circumference, including a 1 1/2 inch opening. It can be adjusted easily to 15 inches. All the components are handmade by me.
Patty and I have been collaborating for over a year on various pieces, including one that was accepted by the ISGB for the convergence competition and toured the Bead and Button shows this year. When I was preparing for a gallery show, with nature as a theme, Patty's flowers beads inspired many colorful and organic pieces. This is just one of them. Whenever I hit a period where designs are just not coming to me, all I have to do is hold one of her beads in my hand, and the ideas just flow.

Entry 14:Lampwork beads made by Connie Poggi inspired this design I wanted something to bring out the myrid of delicate colors in the swirl pattern I eventually found just these few gorgeous stick pearls from a pearl farm in China, I added black onyx and a sprinkle of gold filled spacers and clasp, I really enjoyed the challenge of finding just the right items to work together so well.

Entry 15:3" lampwork focal bead by Anderson Coats of "Like a Moth to a Flame" surrounded by "waves" of Oglala stitch in 4 shades of blue seed beads.

Entry 16:Being a NJ girl, we were always at the Jersey Shore in the summer. I feel in love with Marcy's (StudioMarcy) sea shells and beach themed lampwork beads. These lampwork beads are Marcy's creations. I added vermeil starfish and Swarovski crystals as accents. The chain is gold filled.

Entry 17:The beads were made by me in my home studio. The glass is Silver Rattan (ASK 104) rolled in Raku frit and wrapped in sterling silver wire.
I love making jewelry that is abstract , random and has a lot of movement to it. I had these 3 beads that I did not want to separate. By wire wrapping the beads with sterling silver fine silver circles (that I fused) , the bracelet floats on your wrist.

Entry 18:Focal is a piece of elaborated flashy Labradorite ( or Spectrolite as some might call this.... ), dangled with an AAA Whiskey Quartz smooth nugget, Boro lampworks from one of my favorite artist Kristen of Redside Designs, clusters of electrically dyed silver freshwater pearls accented with Blue Topaz, Tanzanite, Apatite, Ruby, Amethyst, and of course Labradorite were used through out....

I even made a toggle out of wire, yes even the round shape is formed with a few hoops of wire.... accented with more Labradorite... all with oxydized Sterling Silver wire and headpins....

Entry 19:Description: Child's necklace made of Fire Diva Lea Avroch's pink ribbon heart focal and her maroon studded beads. With antique crystals from my grandmother, new crystals, silver, and lucite.

Inspiration: My niece Leiryn. She loves anything pink! Lea's pink heart focal was made for breast cancer awareness in October. Leiryn was diagnosed with Stage IV neuroblastoma in August. She is 22 months old, and a total darling.

When I told Lea what I was going to do with the heart focal, she added the maroon studded lampwork and lucite beads for free! Oh, and a beautiful silver heart-shaped clasp.

Entry 20:Artisan lampwork beads made by me, Christine Brandel (A Hot Piece of Glass). They are built on 3/32" mandrels using Moretti and Creation Is Messy soft glass.

The piece is constructed of hand-shaped sterling silver wire.

The inspiration for this piece comes from the beautiful and sweet-smelling lilac trees at my grandmother's house. I wanted to reproduce the tiny blossoms in glass to wear around my neck like a garland.

Entry 21:I created this necklace using Harriet Harrison's (KYBeadmaker) rounds and disks along with Hill Tribe Silver disks. The beads reminded me of candy and they begged to be kept together. So I let them...


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