Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bead of the Day: August 4

I've been away on a long vaccation and havn't been able to keep up with all the wonderful work of the divas. Now I'm back and it's a true joy to surf around, checking out all the new goodies in the divas shops.

For todays BOTD I've choosen a bead from LA Jewelry Designs. Leas has taken on the challenge of making cabs (and it IS a challenge!):

Ancient Scrolls, cabochon

Lea is in the Bead of the Day project, so if you hurry and order this cab within 24h she will offer you free shipping!

And if you want to see what the other divas have been doing on ArtFire, please check this out: Weekly thread


  1. I just can't get the schedual thing to work for me! Anyway, this post is really posted at 21:48, swedish time (GMT +1)

  2. Thank you so much! & don't forget that I'm offering free shipping on this cab & any other beads purchased along with it. Either message me ahead of time or I will refund thru paypal.