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Diva of the Month- Barb Reed Part 2

Welcome back to part 2 of our interview with Diva of the Month, Barb Reed of River's Edge Glass. This week, Barb answers 10 glassy questions.
Turtle Button

What attracted you to glass?
All the colors and how it sparkles in the sun.

Do you have training in other art mediums?
No official schooling in art, but I’ve always done some type of craft – started with sewing, crocheting and needlework as a kid, did some woodburning and clock making with cypress slabs, lots of counted cross stitch. I’ve had the chances to watch lots of other lampworkers do their thing – that’s always really cool to see different styles of applying glass and using colors – makes me more willing to try some new and different things.

Winter Star Button

What is the first bead you made that you were really proud of?
My first bead that I was proud of was after about 2 years of lampworking. I call it the Perfect Bead and yes, I still have it. It’s the first time I realized I wasn’t half bad at dots and the colors all look great together. I still think it’s a pretty cool bead but maybe not as perfect as I originally thought.

Barb's "Perfect" Bead

What inspires you?
Hmm lots of different things – sometimes a color combination I notice, or a repeating pattern. I’m outside and on the water a lot so nature influences me too.

Do you have a plan when you torch?
That’s a pretty funny question if you know me. I might have an idea of what type of beads I want to make, but still often end up with something totally different than planned. My sketching skills are sadly lacking so I usually don’t do that. I do have some ‘inspirational pictures’ hanging on the wall in my studio.

Dread G-2e

Photography seems to be a key element for any glass artist. What type of camera / lightbox set up do you use?
I have an Olympus point and shoot camera that I’ve had for about 6 years. It does a decent job on macro shots, so for now I’m sticking with it. My lightbox – another one of those things in the works. I usually just use a white sheet of paper near one of the picture windows and don’t take them too late in the day. Also outside my front door is a couple of chunks of rock with some neat nooks and crannys and colors that make a good background. Again, I have to watch the time of day for those pictures so the shadows aren’t too harsh.

If the issue of finances (i.e. will it sell?) were of no consequence, what would you spend your time making?
I don’t know that I’d do a lot different than I do now, maybe play around more with dots and some more buttons. And maybe I wouldn’t feel so bad about all the butt ugly beads I can make!

What kind of jewelry do you wear? Everyday vs. out on the town?
I usually wear a necklace with one or two of my newer beads on it – Just a simple chain with no bail. Also have a biagi bracelet with a bunch of my beads that I wear pretty often. Dressing up – when it rarely happens, I’ll usually go with some bead earrings.

Purple Wrapped Ivory

What is the one skill you wish came easier to you?
Marketing and listing! I have a big problem with that. I think if I photod and listed (and sold) all the beads I have around here I could go on a good vacation! I also have time with really talking about my beads if someone comments on one I’m wearing. Wish I was better at that.

What do you love about marketing your business? What’s the hardest part of marketing it?
Marketing is not my favorite thing to do, but I’ve made some good online friends while doing it and have met a bunch of lampworkers in the southwest part of Michigan from meetings, shows and get togethers. One of the hardest part for me is getting good photos on the first try! I also could have a much bigger online presence – I keep saying I’ll start a blog or twitter or do more on facebook, but then I spend too much time on the computer.

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Wave Dread / Focal

Join us next Sunday for Part three - 10 Silly Questions!

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