Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bead of the Day - Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Once again, Happy Thursday!  As many of you probably do, I love colorful beads.  My favorites include beads with different shades and tones with a lot of variety.  Plus earth tones are always so enchanting!  Without further ado, please enjoy this Checkmark Nebula focal bead from Lara Lutrick:


These are just lovely colors, and I could see this focal accented with some ivory beads for a simple necklace...  or something much more elaborate, your choice :)
See Lara's other goodies in her Artfire shop.  For even more, visit her Etsy store as well.

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  1. YAY and thank you. Bead sold WOO HOO

  2. Gorgeous bead Lara! would have been a great focal for August Art bead scene challenge! COngrats on the sale too!

  3. Yaay! Congratulations Lara, and the lucky connoisseur who nabbed it! :)