Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fire Divas Gossip Column

It's a busy week for the Fire Divas! Check out some of these wonderful pieces of new work. What an interesting group of lampworkers! So much beautiful work, and so many great creative minds.

Judith Billig of Icarus Beads is working on natural forms. See her pictures of plants and how she interprets them in glass.

May Beads
is posting some wonderful critters. It must be a critter/nature week!

Stop in and see Amy for information on a 'give away'!!

Check out the new ring kit from Holly's Folly. I love the colors of the bead she used. It's a good way to use single beads.

Janet Dudley has some glow in the dark beads that are positively stunning. Wouldn't they be fun to wear out in the dark, at a nightclub, at a dance, or even just in a dark closet to admire them!

Susan Lambert has some new candy colored discs in her shop. yummy

Dorset Hill has some pretty new earrings in red and white. They would look super with a red sweater this fall!

Silver River Jewelry
did a lot of work putting together a collection for Art Fire. Stop by and see it, to appreciate some beautiful work.

Interested in how glass reacts and what colors work together? Look at this interesting post by Melanie Graham.

Patrice of Shepherd Creations is also working with nature, however she has insects!!

Have a great week!!


  1. Janel's glow necklace is AWESOME!

    Nice to see more nature glass art as well :)

  2. Susan, Great job for your first time out!!! Congrats!

  3. Oh yes ... love that glow necklace. How cool is that? Unfortunately I don't go clubbing any more, I think I would wear that all the time!

  4. I was thinking the same thing Judith! Love it Janel!

  5. I really found the post by Melanie to be very interesting with the different glass reactions.