Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fire Divas Gossip Column

It's been a busy week for the Fire Divas! Even with back to school madness, the Fire Divas have listed some beautiful new work.
check out this great deal by Amy! She has wonderful spacer beads on sale for her back to school promo! Great colors too!

Veda's beads
has some examples of ''sunset" colors of glass. We've seen some nice sunsets this summer, and Veda can help us carry those through the coming autumn days.

Holly of Holly's Folly has some beads this week that are some of her favorites to make. The cupcake is yummy looking! (and no calories!)

Awwwww look at the duck beads! May Beads made some for a special customer. Maybe you want some too! They quack me up! ;-)

A beautiful pendant with lampwork by Silver River Glass is a nice example of jewelry with lampwork as a component. She has the pendant for sale and it's very tempting!

Melanie of Mind Melt has more tests with glass. Thank you Melanie for the great tests! It's so interesting and helpful!

SusanLambert posted a favorite set. Sometimes it's a great way to relax, working with favorite colors.

That's it for this week. Stop back for more Fire Diva gossip next Sunday! And enjoy today, the last Sunday in August!

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