Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bead of the Day for Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Happy Thursday!  Hey, it could be worse; it could be Monday!  Well, cruising through the weekly Artfire thread yesterday, this gorgeous bead caught my attention, and I just knew it would be my Bead of the Day pick for today:

I love the pattern and colors, and this is truly a one of a kind feature for your charm bracelets and all your big-hole-bead needs!  The intertwined stripes of varying colors, lovely emerald base... This bead is speaking to me :)  It is whispering seductive glass nothings into my ear...  If it's also speaking to you, you're in luck: Susanne of Babs Beads & Design is participating in the Bead of the Day Promotion, offering 10% off this bead in her Artfire Shop (which is already a great price to begin with), so click on through here.

See what else is new in the realm of the Fire Divas by perusing the weekly Artfire Thread here, or visiting the weekly Etsy Thread here.  See you next Thursday!


  1. So pretty, Susanne! I may have to start wearing my charm bracelet so I can enjoy other Fire Diva big-hole-beads!