Monday, September 13, 2010

Bead of the Day - 09/13

It always seems to rain while I'm trawling through our Fire Diva shops looking for my pick for Bead of the Day.

So... to lift the rainy pall off the day, today I went with this unique, entertaining and so cute! bookmark set by Lauren of MayBeads.

This set is called 'Take me to your Reader (or Beader)' which is really fun. I laughed out loud when I found it, and the colours are gorgeous.

Lauren is participating in our Bead of the Day Project, so these will fly out to you for free (free shipping) if you purchase them within the next 24 hours. She also has a host of other beautiful and comical creations in her etsy shop.

And finally, don't forget our jewelery challenge!  The theme is 'Holidays', and you will want to submit photos of your jewelry design that incorporates Fire Divas beads. See here for more details and a look at the prizes -- October 15th is the deadline.

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