Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Gossip

Good Morning Diva Fans... time for a little Sunday Gossip:

May Beads is contending with some really camera shy critters! I thought they might be in the "Bead Protection Program" but, it turns out they have a perfectly good reason for being camera shy! And... Ema K has a similar dilemma!

Lutrick is finding bead inspiration inside fruit! You gotta see these pics!

Clare Scott is showing off her au natural side...

Silver River has something very frightening right outside her window!

Lori Bergman  is all "a twitter" this week with lots of new avenues and projects including...boot camp? Oh my!

Icarus beads is having a "retro" week... it's gorgeous!

Holly's Folly is sharing one of her favorite bead shopping tips!

Beadygirl is taking part in a beady bash all weekend. Sounds like lots o' fun!
Amy is feeling fritty, oh so fritty! And Janel??? Showing off her earthy side this week!

Patrice is saying, "Adios" to Summer with a special collection.

And Lea is still helping the Divas spread the word about our fabulous jewelry challenge! What are YOU making for it???

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