Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Diva of the Month - Eileen Snyder (Part 2: 10 Things Glass)

This is part 2 of our focus on Eileen Snyder, our Diva of the Month for September.

We asked Eileen what first attracted her to glass. She tells us, "I used to make jewelry with all different types of beads and have always been attracted to the glass beads…Thus, my interest in learning the art…"

Now, many glass artists have training in other artistic mediums. What about Eileen? She tells us that, although she has no FORMAL training in any art mediums, she does love to be creative with her hands. She says, "I’ve been “crafty” ever since I can remember…I love working in crafts I use my hands on, literally…I can’t draw or paint very well, however I do like to knit and crochet…"

The first bead Eileen was ever "proud" of? "Round, well kind of…" Here’s a picture of some of her very first beads…

We asked Eileen about where she finds her inspiration. She tells us, "Nature inspires me…Artwork inspires me…Color inspires me…"

Eileen tells us that she doesn't have a plan when she sits down at the torch - "No plan…Even when I have a plan or idea it never seems to work out that way…I just “go with the flow”…"

Eileen prefers to photograph her beads outside in natural light. "I use a Cannon ???...Still packed away so I don’t remember the number…Sorry…"

We asked Eileen what she would spend her time making if money were no issue: She tells us "Beads…Beads…Beads…I also would love to learn about silver work although I have been dabbling with it lately…"

As for the type of jewelry that Eileen herself wears? "Same all of the time…My hoop earrings and my wedding bands and engagement ring…I do wear my new necklace creations (shhhhhhhhh) soon to be in my shop… "

What is one skill that Eileen wishes came earlier to her? She says, "If we are talking a glass skill, I would like to be able to get more out of reactive glass, however with a hothead I feel that I am limited to the reactions…"

As for marketing? Eileen admits she's not very good at marketing and promoting. "I do the best I can for the time I have…If I was better at the marketing end I may be selling more…Now, that I would love…"

And she leaves us with a photo of her studio setup! Stay tuned for next week's Part 3: 10 Silly Questions

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