Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fire Divas Gossip Column

Happy Labor Day Weekend from the Fire Divas! I hope everyone is enjoying a long weekend, and part of that enjoyment is looking at beautiful lampwork that will inspire your jewelry designs.

Patrice has some beads to 'show off' . It's a great sampling of glass beads, with one especially nice for cat lovers.

Amy has two beautiful sets to show you, silvered ivory over coral and beads made with a glass called 'leaky pen' . I don't know what I like best! Check them out!

Silver River Glass has an organic set in her shop. Earthy green with an organic feel.

Glass Bead is back from vacation and making beads again. You will want to check her Etsy shop for some beautiful beads.

Look quick at Holly's Folly! She is offering a Deal a Day every day in September.

Have you ever seen maple colored glass? Mind Melt again shows us an interesting glass and how to use it.

More beads from nature are shown by Ashlyn Design tiger, snow leopard and zebra beads are on her page. What fun these would be made into jewelry to match that new scarf or skirt in the popular fall fashions of animal prints!

Icarus Beads inspires us with a bracelet made with her desert silk beads. It would look wonderful with a holiday outfit, which she reminds us, we may want to start thinking about.

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