Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday night Fire Divas Gossip

Hello everyone! It's Sunday evening again. The weekend sure seems to fly by!

Look at the enameled beads on Isinglass design! Enamels add a whole new dimension to lampwork beads. Always something interesting to do when you work with glass, and it's fun to share a few tips and tricks.

Lori Bergman is focusing on some lampworked beads on antique keys. What door do you think that key 'did' open? Isn't that something to contemplate with a unique pendant made by Lori?

Icarus beads is testing different types of clear glass for encasing. I can't wait to see which glass is her favorite. Encasing beads without bubbles or 'scum' is a challenge and you can see in many Fire Diva's beads that the challenge is something they have conquered.

In the meantime, Mind Melt is showing the results of testing a glass called Mojito. Who would have thought so many variations could be pulled from one type of glass?!

When you are doing your bead shopping, stop over at Clare Scott's shop for a great discount!

Also stop in to Holly's Folly to find out some interesting news about Art Fire.

Awwwww May Beads has the cutest little critters. I love looking at the charm swap results she is posting.
Ema K has pumpkin beads for sale. Just on time for October jewelry!

Also look at the pumpkin beads by Patrice. Isn't it fun to wear pumpkin jewelry?

stop back next week for more Fire Diva's gossip!
until then, have a great week, and think lampwork!!

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