Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Diva of the Month: Eileen Snyder (Conclusion)

In this last portion of the interview, we wrap up our focus on this month's Diva - Eileen Snyder of Dorset Hill Beads.

We asked Eileen if she had any more "secrets" to share with us, or anything else to share about her work. She told us that she didn’t think there was anything that we don’t know already. "I enjoy being creative and have many NEW items to bring into my shop…Keep your eyes peeled…"

As for how her work has changed since she begun? Eileen tell us, "All I can say is YEAH…and now of course my work is really changing because I am not lampworking at this time and probably not for at least the next year…"

The biggest challenge Eileen wants to accomplish in the next few months is promoting the new items in her shop and to create sales. She says, "so…I would love for you all to support me in this change and help promote my new items…THANKS…"

And of course, we asked her what she likes about being a Fire Diva. She says, "Being a Fire Diva has been such a great experience…I love the support, cross promoting and encouragement offered by this amazing team…Each and every one of the Divas I consider a friend…and…I want to personally thank those who have been such a great support over the last year plus…It’s been a tough one for me and my family…"

So thanks for stopping by our blog! That's it for this month's Diva of the Month - but stay tuned for interviews with our October Diva (not yet announced).

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