Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fantasy Shopping Saturday

Imagine....Crystal clear blue water,  white sandy beaches, delicious fruity tropical drinks.  You're walking on this beach, hair blowing in the wind,  a long flowing skirt and crisp white top, Mimosa in hand...everything's perfect!  Not!!!  What's missing ????  Jewelry !You need beads.  Let's go shopping with the Fire Divas!

For the Khaki Capri Pant Set...
Crafty Clare

Rivers Edge Glass   


Glass Bead

These are perfect for the lime green bathing suit....                                                
LA Jewelry Designs


Holly's Folly Glass
         For the Orange Cover up.....
Ashlyn Designs


            For your Pandora style Bracelet.
May Beads
Amy Sims Designs


Let's start blowing in the wind,  long flowing skirt, crisp white top... and fabulous beads!  Thanks for shopping with us!