Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fire Divas Gossip Column 10/10

Many of the Fire Divas are donating portions of their proceeds for the month of October to various Breast Cancer charities. You can see the list at Lutrick, Janel Dudley Beads, Ashlyn Design, and Holly's Folly Beads. While you're at Holly's, check out the work of a very young glassblower who also is supporting the cause. You really have to see his work!

At Amy's Glass Blog, you'll get a taste of some of her pink beads that will benefit the Susan Komen Foundation, along beads for autumn. Be sure to scroll down just a bit to find out what Amy has proclaimed herself officially addicted to - it's a good thing!

See why Lea is parting ways with some of her extra jewelry supplies, and how you can benefit by visiting her new destash shop, LA Jewelry Designs Destash on ArtFire. While you're there (and in her other shops), be sure to check out her new banners!

At Silver River Jewelry, you'll see some gorgeous greens and her elegant Jewelry Item of the Week.

One of our newest Fire Diva members is Amy, and she has just entered the blogosphere at Amy Sims Designs. Welcome, Amy! If you like pandora-style beads, check out her Etsy shop as well!

Melanie is testing glass colors, and this week she's getting her feet wet in Ocean. Paddle on over to Mind Melt to see her results.

Want to meet Patrice's gorgeous glass animals in person? Head on over to Shepherd Creations for her Fall show dates.

Lori just went Pro! No, not a pro bowler, she's upgraded to a Pro ArtFire Account, and there are perks to shopping there, so head to her Ashlyn Design and find out what they are!

Homemade gingersnaps ~ one of 10 Things Susan Likes. Stop by Susan Lambert to see what rounds out her list.

Beads are all in the family at Beadygirl Blog, where Tera just wrapped up a Fall show, and her in-laws are off on a beady adventure.

Head on ver to Lampwork Glass Beads: Playing With Fire and find out why Laurie broke into song when she received her copy of The Flow magazine. Well-deserved, Laurie! Keep on singing (and torching)!

Pumpkins and pincushions were making Ema happy last week - stop by Ema K Designs to see why.

Hats off to Eileen! She still isn't able to torch, but she's finding lots of other ways to keep her creative juices flowing. So head to Dorset Hill Beads to see what she's been working on.

At Maybeads, I give earring pairs a go. Getting better . . .

There is STILL TIME to enter the Fire Divas Holiday Jewelry Challenge! We would love to see some more entries!

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