Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fire Divas Gossip 10/31

Double, double, toil and trouble . . . the Fire Divas have been brewing up some fun this week. Let's see what's boiling in their pots . . .

Melanie Melanie has two new colors to conduct her experiments on - one dark and scary glass color she will definitely be using again because the reactions were so magical. The other was a little shocky, but not enough to scare Melanie away. Check out all her results at Mind Melt.

Last week Amy had some gorgeous pandora beads to show off. This week Amy has some more pandora pretties, but these are silver-lined. Oooooooh. Get thee to Amy's Glass Blog for a look.

Lori is proving her craftiness is not only reserved for beads. At Ashlyn Design she shares the secret of the mouse pad.

New creatures are popping up at Shepherd Creations - one of them better stay out of sight and avoid the witches' brew.

Holly's got some good advice, as well as some new glass goodies to share. So head to Holly's Folly Beads and soak it all in.

Amy has been busy with gorgeous glassy creations and the perfect finishing touches. You don't want to miss the lovelies on display at Amy Sims Designs.

Ugly Duckling Beads will be at the One of a Kind Show in Chicago this December. You have to see the one-of-a-kind piece she'll be bringing with - check it out here.

One of our new features, Ask the Divas, is Theresa's brainchild. This month the divas explain their creative process, and Theresa has all the answers at Tease Beads.

Cabbage Casseroles, pretty bluebirds and sneaking candy to school is all the talk over at Susan Lambert - stop by to get the scoop!

Are you a lampworking newbie? You probably want to bookmark Icarus Beads, because Judith will share tips and tricks and tools every Monday in her new series called Tool Time. Head on over there now for your first tip!

Things are literally glowing over at Janel Dudley Beads. What has Janel gotten mixed up in this time?

Find out how swirls and twirls and paisleys, combined with a custom order, led Laurie, of Lampwork Glass Beads - Playing With Fire, to make her first Christmas bird beads.

My 30% off SALE is still going on, but it ends today. Head to Maybeads for details.

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

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