Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fantasy Shopping Saturday

It appears I've got a bit of writers block!  Aacck! I figured I'd  go the the Fire Diva's Fan Page and spend time reading about the other Divas, drool over their beads, and check out the latest gossip.('s all good gossip.)  Lo and behold, within 2 minutes, inspiration hit!  Only 3 or 4 postings down, this fabulous necklace caught my attention. Often we see the Diva's from a bead perspective, but there's some real hidden talent among them. Today I'm treating you to the "Desserts" of glass.  These are just a start....You can find more beads and jewelry here.  Now pick your favorites... Happy Shopping!
Isinglass Design
Holly's Folly Glass
Ashlyn Designs
Judith Beads
May Beads
Amy Sims Designs
Tease Beads
Lara Lutrick
Shepherd Creations
Bab's Beads and Designs
Janel Dudley Beads


  1. There's not a thing here I wouldn't wear with pride!

  2. Always such beautiful and elegant things to choose from!

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  4. Great items, thanks for including my ring.