Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fire Divas Gossip 1/23/11

Valentine's Day is on the horizon, and what do you think the Fire Divas are dishing about? If you said knife sets, frit and the winter blues, you'd be right. Oh, and hearts too!

I own an off-mandrel heart made by Holly, and it is so pretty! I've often wondered how to make a bead "off-mandrel," and now my wait is over. All I have to do is head to Holly's Folly Glass for Holly's complete (with pictures!) free tutorial for off-mandrel hearts. Thanks, Holly!

Rosemarie is designing a necklace for beads she is making, and she's sharing sneak peeks of her design and her progress over at Spawn of Flame.

Ema has plans to stay more organized with her bead business this year, but first she's playing catch-up and showing pictures from last year's art charm exchange. Stop by Ema K to see the goodies, and then find out her idea for organization (I may have to steal this one).

Theresa has got hearts on the brain. She's come up with a brand new design and they are scrumptious ~ so get on over to Tease Beads now and prepare to fall in love!

Lori is sharing her latest find from her trip to the mall - wait, make that the hardware store. This girl hangs out at Harbor Freight Tools, so be sure to stop by Ashlyn Designs to see her new tools she says are a steal.

Judith is admitting to having a disastrous day at the torch (I feel her pain!), but she bounced back quickly and her wheels are turning with new ideas. She's showing off one fabulous heart bead and some chunky lentils you don't want to miss at Judith's Bead Lounge.

There's Murrini Mondays, and now there's Fritty Fridays. That's right. There's a day of the week for each of my addictions ~ so mosey on over to Maybeads for the latest editions of both.

Lea has made butterfly beads for the very first time. These gorgeous new creatures are fluttering off to a very special place, so stop by LA Jewelry Designs to find out their destination.

New critters are crawling, slinking and fluttering out of Patrice's kiln. Head over to Shepherd Creations for a closer look.

The rest of the divas who blog are on the lower left side of the Fire Divas page, so if you missed any previous weeks, be sure to check down there.

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