Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Glass Bead of the Day - Tuesday 01/11/2011

I'm always intrigued by gates - and especially so, if I can't see beyond them. I still remember the old gate in the street where I lived as a child. A garden with rambling flowers that tumbled over the walls. I often imagined what lay beyond and it was one of the big mysteries of my childhood.

When I saw today this "Garden Gate" bead by Laurie from Isinglass Design, it brought back those childhood memories.

Such gorgeous colors and movement, but I love especially the unique shape of this bead. I think this bead can make a great focal bead in a necklace design or it can be used by itself, for example strung on a sterling silver chain.

If you want to see more of Laurie's beautiful lampwork beads, check out her Isinglass Design Etsy shop!

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