Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fantasy Shopping Saturday

Through my window the view is pretty dreary. The one exception is the trees, they're completely covered in a veil of  pristine white snow. And although looking upward is really pretty, ultimately I have to look down, and then I see dirty, packed, slushy snow.  And all I want to see is yellow...any shade of yellow.  Yellow is full of creative and intellectual energy,  wisdom, and what's more people who are blind to other colors can generally see yellow!  And let's not forget that Yellow means joy and happiness.  So our adventure today is a trip through the Fire Divas Shops for anything yellow! Join me....Happy shopping!


Spawn of Flame
Icarus Beads

A. Houston
Silver River Glass
Holly's Folly Glass
Glass by Patrice
Bab's Beads and Designs
May Beads


  1. Nice bright and cheerful beads, Thanks for including mine.

  2. So cheerful! Just what all of us locked into winter need at the moment! Thank you!