Monday, July 25, 2011

Tide Pool Challenge Winner!

Congratulations to Lori Bergmann of AshlynDesign for winning this month’s Challenge! Her cool aqua heart with a sandy base and sea creatures really fit the theme of Tide Pool.

Since Lori won the Challenge last month, our prize will go to second place winner (and it was very close!) Kathleen of Ugly Duckling Beads! Congratulations Kathleen, you are the lucky winner of one issue of The Glass Bead Magazine, donated by Creation is Messy.

And, our lucky commenter this month is #6 Sharon of Shazzabeth Creations! Sharon, you’ve won a $20 gift certificate from Patrice at Shepherd Creations. Congratulations!

And now let’s look once again at the rest of the gorgeous entries in this month’s challenge:

Rosemarie Hanus

Sonja of Silver River Glass Works

Patrice Shepherd

Holly’s Folly Glass

Lara Lutrick

Abigail Lyn

Sarah of Aloha Bead

Michelle of SunDoorBeads


  1. Wow! I'm shocked and honored to have won again this month, especially with all the other amazing entries! Thank you so much to all who voted for everyone and making this such a fun challenge! *Ü*

  2. Congratulations to the winner and how exciting to find out I've won the gift voucher - I look forward to receiving it and going shopping!